Should I dump my girlfriend ?

So I love my girlfriend more than anything! But we both work completely different times of the day! She works early and I work late! And when we see each other all we want to do is sleep and roll around in bed. I like lying with her in bed but another problem is time always goes soooo fast with her. It’s crazy!!! She said in winter she said work will be super busy and she won’t even be able to go to the gym with me? What the paint of a girlfriend I only see for a short time a few times a week! She thinks this is annoying to. Kinda makes me want to be single again. It’s kinda painful not seeing her. She said she will be very upset and heartbroken if I left her and I would be to! What can I do? All we want is more time to cuddle!!

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    1 month ago
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    If you really like her and see a potential future with her I would consider talking to her and maybe asking her to change shifts or maybe you can change shifts. Figuring out a way for you both to work would be very beneficial to your relationship. Also, if it is impossible for you to change shifts or her then I would consider spending quality time when you are together instead of cuddling in bed. Find out things you both enjoy doing like going out having a picnic, a walk, a board game. 

    On the other hand if you only see her for sex and cuddling and you do not see a future with her breaking up is a good idea. There would be nothing to work out since your schedules do not match in the first place... You will find someone who has similar schedules and that you get to actually do something else besides cuddling. 

    Hope this helped!

    Good Luck! 

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