Is it weird to be a loner in your 20s?

Im only 22 and eventually want friends and a family with a bunch of kids, but I find it really hard to socialize... Part bc I never get out, and part bc I have genuine anxiety about socializing; I think bc I have no idea who that person is so I don't know if I want to hang out or invite them into my life... 

My dad was a cop my whole life so I'm used to not trusting strangers and have only socialized with people when adults brought their friends over, who I knew were "safe" and we could trust... I have no idea how to "vet people" myself though and seem to get severe anxiety trying to figure it out, so is it bad to just stay alone, if I usually enjoy my alone time.....? 

(I have dogs too so I'm not completely alone..) 

*And ps, I am not interested in partying or sex one bit, have never even had a boyfriend; I'm sorta more into studying and learning on my own time since I can't afford school... 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Social media has isolated millions of people. Nearly everyone is awkward these days.

    Take a dog training class and meet people. Meet people with a similar hobby.

    They don't know where you live. If you screw up just leave and try again elsewhere.


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