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Which app can unblock a suspended YA account?  My appeals fall on deaf ears.?

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    there is no such app. 

    You must remember, much of the advice, even I, myself have given out here , is from a time when YAHOO  actually worked and responded to emails and appeals. 

    The site has morphed and gone thru dozens of format changes  and even changed hands,  since then. 

    In it's current form, owned by Verizon,  they no longer send violation notifications, no longer repsond to appeals,  no longer respond to direct emails to the old customer care addresses and no longer CARE , one whit, what goes on here. 

    Any attempt to call, any of the old numbers, gets you a call center in the Phillipines,  who only want to help you with a technical issue, or sell you the premium service.  If you want anything else,  like complaining about stalkers, or unfair suspensions or any of that.............they can't and won't help you in the slightest, as they just don't care, or don't have the power or options to get involved with all the flame wars and trolling here. 

    You are on your own...........and the trolls and stalkers are well aware of this,   hence why they are now so out of control and so many people have LEFT, or been unfairly suspended with no recourse. 

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    2 months ago

    No such app exists. Clearly you have another Yahoo account and are using it, so you're not prevented from using the site. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is no such app.

    You can appeal your suspension, that's all.

  • Daniel
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    2 months ago

    There are no Apps that will Help you Reverse a Suspended Account if its Suspended its Gone unless Yahoo changes there Mind later on and Decides to put it back 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Appeals on Yahoo that is a Myth

    No one cares on Verzion

    Note they dont even Bother giving you a warning the account just disappears when you try and Log in Username Unknown

    Back in Yahoo days I had a Level 7 account with Top Contributor for 12 years

    This Proved i did the Right Thing many accounts reinstated after appeal

    since it was sold No Appeal and Lost over 20 accounts why Trolls that abuse the Reporting system using Sock Puppets

    and Yahoo now refuses to tell us what we said that was an Offence

    so Pray tell How are we supposed to Know how to avoid doing it again

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    2 months ago

    No such app exists. Verizon now gives you ONE warning before they terminate your email account. 

    The suspended email accounts are fine. You just cannot participate on YA. You are blocked. 

    I've had over 50 email accounts suspended over 12+ years and counting. I think it is 53 accounts so far.  I am still here. 

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