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What can I do with my cat?

I have a cat that gave birth to 3 kittens and I kept them but she got pregnant again and she doesn't seem like she wants to take care of the new kittens. I live in Texas and most of the vets are not doing nutters or spays. My cat is tired and overwhelmed I need to spay her. Advice.

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    If need be, you will need to bottle feed the kittens, if they are under 5 weeks. But, first check your cat in case she has become sick. A cat can suffer from a mammary infection, and that would be a good reason she may be reluctant to care for the kittens. This would cause pain while nursing.

    Examine your cat for any signs of this which may include: redness, swelling, hardness, irritation, crustiness - any of those in the mammary area. If you see this, take her IMMEDIATELY to the vet. This can be quite serious for a cat. 

    A mammary infection can also spread to the kittens and make them sick, and you may also see signs of crustiness near their mouths or noses from infection collecting on them while nursing. In that case, the kittens can become sick and may need to be seen by the vet. Slightly sick kittens can get very sick, pretty quickly.

    Even if you don't see signs of a mammary infection in the mother, she may need a vet exam. You also do not say how long it has been since the kittens were delivered. If it was very recent such as a day or two, she could have a retained placenta, which is also very serious and could kill the cat.

    If the kittens are near five weeks or over, she may need to stop caring for them and in a couple weeks, find homes for the kittens. Begin feeding them canned cat food mixed with water to help wean them. Eventually, you can mix just a bit of dry food in the mix, but do this slowly. If the kittens seem sick, they may also need to be seen by the vet so you don't lose any of them.

    You can find homes for the kittens by inquiring with an animal rescue league or advertising on Craigslist or Facebook. CHARGE for the kittens, a minimum of $40, but more is acceptable. This will help assure a good home. You also need to be wary of people who take kittens for dog fight bait. Interview people and ask for vet references, or for documentation they have taken a pet they have owned to the vet. Be sure you like the people, If you don't like them, then go on to the next people.

    During this pandemic, many more people are looking for pets than originally were. You should not have trouble in finding good homes for the animals. In Michigan, I had nearly 10+ calls for each rescue kitten I had advertised. If I left the ad up for 2 to 4 weeks, the number increased. For a litter of 4, I had 40+ inquiries. I screened every person who inquired that I actually considered, making sure they were a good fit. I always asked that they tell me something about themselves in their inquiry. If they were willing to do this, then I would consider them and then talk to them further; if they just said: "Still have kittens?" I passed by their inquiry for one who took enough time to tell me something about themselves, within their inquiry.

    In regards to spay: Inquire with your local Humane Society about "spay/neuter clinics". This is a sponsored event in which cats are spayed or neutered for a low cost. Often the cost is about $35, in which case hopefully, you could get everyone neutered and be relieved of having too many kitties. Usually, you need to make the appointment in advance and sometimes up to a month in advance. You may also ask if you can call each morning, for cancellations, since may rescue groups cancel shortly before the appointment due to not catching stray cats they had expected to capture. 

    Remember: each cat you keep will need vetting and neutering, and that there are plenty of lonesome people right now, looking for a cute kitten to cheer them up!

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    Stop letting momma cat roam, she won’t get pregnant over and over again.

    As for vets not nuttering cats, most won’t, cat are crazy enough on their own.

    As for a spay, call the vet, ask them if they can end the gestation and spay at the same time.  

    Because of your carelessness you may end up bottle feeding and raising the kittens, which means keeping them warm, stimulating them so they go pity etc.

    And female cats are spayed.  Male cats are neutered not nuttered.  Nuts are something you eat.

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