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Are "kid's shows" like Steven Universe a lot more than children's cartoons?

I've noticed a hell of a lot of good kid's shows over this past decade. In fact, I've become slightly bored of adult television in favor of animated shows. In the past, whenever I felt like watching something animated, I would strictly watch anime shows only because I felt they were more intended for teens-adults instead. Now, I find myself liking American cartoons slightly more than anime. 

I still watch anime, but lately I've been more into shows such as 'Avatar the Last Airbender' (which I have recently completed), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (which I'm currently watching with my family) and Steven Universe that I enjoy watching by myself at night.

I have to say, these shows are really awesome, and I don't feel embarrassed in the least to enjoy great content, no matter what age it's supposedly geared towards. My mother; who is 58 watches cartoons with me daily now (I'm 28, soon to be 29). She even knows that I collect things such as figurines and toys, and she's cool enough to even go out of her way to buy some for me from shows we like to watch.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely against watching adult entertainment, I've just seem to have seen enough of comedy shows with the laugh tracks, or shows that are mostly about sexual relationships. 

Are there any more cartoons like the ones I have mentioned above? lol I fear as though I will run out of good content soon.

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    If you like avatar you could watch Korra (which is not as good as avatar but it is still good) and The Dragon Prince which it is from the same creators.

    Im currently also watching Carmen San Diego in Netflix, its quite entertaining. 

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    Well, TBH, cartoons like Stephen Universe were quite rare, and I can only remember a handful of shows that got the similar vibe, like Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Star vs the Forces of Evil, or Adventure Time for example.

    There's also shows like We Bare Bears, Craig of the Creek, or The Amazing World of Gumball, where it's a comedy show, but both uses lots of pop cultures/memes references, which older viewers often saw on the internet.

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