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Should I end my pregnancy due to my health issues?

I’m about 12 weeks pregnant and I have high blood pressure and intracranial hypertension (pseudo tumor). I have been struggling with severe migraines and the medications I was using to control my blood pressure my obgyn took me off of and I had a bad reaction to the replacement so he had me stop that as well. My pseudo tumor is flared up pretty bad and affects my vision and I’m afraid it will get worse due to the extra weight I’m gonna gain from this pregnancy. I am in bed all day every day from the painful headaches, the vomiting and fatigue I feel very tired and breathless and I’m afraid that it will only get worse at the pregnancy progresses. I have 3 children already and after every delivery my blood

Pressure has gone to extremely high levels and this time I’m already dealing with it being high during the pregnancy so I’m extra worried and struggle with anxiety. My anxiety makes it hard for me to take any new prescriptions I’m given because I’m afraid of possible bad reactions I’m just a mess so I’m considering ending the pregnancy to try to get myself into better health but I know I”lol regret it but I keep having this fear that I’m going to lose my life during this pregnancy due to my health issues not being controlled.

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    No, see it to term

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    Hi.  We're random strangers on the internet and even if one of us was a doctor we certainly wouldn't advise you via this site.  Talk to a real health professional.

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