what can I do if my employer hasn't sent his share to EDD?

Someone please help me, I got sick with Covid on the job and became very ill, I was out the job for 1 whole month!! employer refused to pay his sick staff for the 2 weeks due to the fact that he doesn't have more than 30 employees so instead he sent us to unemployment, I did, I applied since the day I stopped working and its been 1 whole month and still havent had funds deposited into my account at all! I asked him about it and he said he "lost" the paper he was supposed to send!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!! I know he did this on purpose for the sole reason that he wants me to return to the job , i am panicking i dont know what to do im new to all this and getting in touch with EDD i have not had luck at all. I really hope someone can help. Any advice wil be trully appreciated. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    You should contact your state labor department.

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