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My brother molested me and he is guilty?

i don't remember very well, but when I was 3 and my brother was six, I think he molested me. Lately my brother has been very apologetic to me without elaborating what it's about, and he said that our sisters did the same thing to him. He's been very depressed for years, and on suicide watch the last couple of days and I'm very worried about him. What can I do?

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    I don’t see how a 6 year old can be guilty of molestation. He was not old enough to understand what he was doing. Young children often touch each other in ways that aren’t appropriate because they don’t realize the significance of it. He was possibly touching you because you had different parts from him and he was curious about it. Young children are often very curious about body parts they don’t understand.

    He also may have touched you because he was touched by his older sisters. You didn’t say how old they were when they did this to him, but it could have been a similar situation as what he did to you. Young kids who were touched often touch other kids to try to make sense of what happened to them. He may have felt confused about what was done to him, so he acted it out on you. He was touched by older siblings at an age where he probably didn’t know it was wrong. You were the next youngest sibling, and it seems like he acted out his experience with you. He was only 6, and probably was just learning that boys and girls have different parts. It seems more like it was a cry for help rather than him trying to victimize you. 

    If he’s been depressed for years, it could have something to do with him being molested as a child and never getting any help. It may also be a completely different reason. Either way, I don’t know that there’s much you can really do to help him other than encouraging him to seek professional help. You are not a psychologist, and you can’t give him the type of help he needs. 

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    Tell him to let it go. Kids do stupid stuff. You are adults now. Let him know that you have forgiven him. Now he needs to forgive himself. That's about all you can do. Well, you could tell him you care about him and want him to find happiness.

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