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Why can't questions rollover- i.e. if I only asked cap minus one question one Yahoo day, why can't I ask cap plus one the subsequent day?

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    The original computer programsfor YA we decided for server computers using software BASIC HTML code  that is now 16 TO 20 or more YEARS old. The software is totally outdated. Verizon is NOT going to pay employees to update any computer programs that very  will be either archived

     or totally deleted if Verizon Communications continues to make a profit or isn't purchased by Disney or Amazon or possibly Google. Google tried to Yahoo more than once. Jerry Yang always refused. 

    YA was NEVER programmed to work that way. If you want to be?able to answer more questions per Yahoo "day" you are going to have to answer questions and wait at least one hour or longer to choose best answers to the?questions you ask. At level 3 at 250 to 999 points you can ask 10 questions per Yahoo day and answer 80 questions. 

    Questions used to cost 5 points EACH. Verizon changed that a little over 13 months ago. 

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    The site was originally set up that way to prevent spammers and scammers from posting thousands of questions in a single day.

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