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How did I get mono?

I was diagnosed with mono earlier this week. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 6 months now. I don’t share drinks or a toothbrush or anything like that with anyone other than him. I haven’t cheated on him. I know he hasn’t cheated on me. He doesn’t drink after other people or anything like that either. I am just confused about how I got mono. I got sick first and now my boyfriend is showing symptoms. We live together and keep to ourselves. 

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    Mono is also known as the kissing disease. You got it from kissing your boyfriend. It happens in young people through swapping saliva. It's not crazy serious and will clear up eventually with no long term affects.

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    It’s possible he had the germs or virus and passed them to you. In the last 3 or so months did you share drinks or anything with anyone besides him? When I tested positive for mono I heard that you can have it for months before you actually feel fatigued. I know the woman I got it from and I played sports with her 3-4 months prior to me getting symptoms. 

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    You were not wearing your mask and washing your hands.  You will probably experience the most tired you will ever be, where sleep is the only thing you can do.  Wake up, feel good, stay up a few hours and be so tired you can do nothing but sleep for another 8 or so hours.  Can be that routine for months.  You might be able to stay in school and attend class and do homework,  but I doubt you could hold a job, based upon my experience.  No telling what would happen if you got covid on top of mono.  So be careful.

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    i would ask your doctor this question

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