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When you know it’s time to leave your spouse?

My wife is an amazing person. We have a few young kids we both love. She is very thoughtful and has the best personality. However, I think it’s mainly because of how much she hates her job she is not that nice to me. It’s like I’m not there and she gets mad at me immediately. 

I am usually happy throughout the day and love hanging out with the kids. 

The issues I see are I like hanging out with my kids when she’s not around. We have so much fun. I get negative energy from her. She loves to spend money and I don’t. There are some major issues but there shouldn’t be. Her family is the best and it kills me to leave it. I just don’t know what to do or how to approach it. She just isn’t the same and I don’t want to be around it yet I don’t want to hurt my kids.  Any thoughts? 

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    Thoughts? Yes, if its her job and her hatred of it that is causing the problem, then encouraging her to look for a change might be all it takes to get the happier version of her back again. 

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    Since you have "a few" young kids it's worth getting into some marriage counseling to see if you can't save this family for them. 

  • 1 month ago

    sounds like it wouldnt be a bad idea to leave, you can still see your kids

  • 1 month ago

    I think maybe u think she cheated on u and it hurting ur thinking and confusing u. Now u feel like is this baby really mine 🥺 but I'm love this baby etc 🥰 so that maybe why . And u are thinking like maybe the other guy kiss 💋 wife and it is hurt u. That why just don't think so much just tell her nicely is she having an affair or not and to tell on child's head the truth . If she lie child fall sick so she should tell the truth . If she say no is ur baby . All three ur baby only 💘 then just trust her I guess because why she will lie about that   she loves u right so definitely is ur baby . That how baby is made dumbass lol . k.. if she not love you  the  how she become pregnant? 😼How ? Just benice not doubt unless necessary. Hope it's not that . Tc 

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