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How do I prevent stink bugs from coming in my house?


i need help, they mainly come in spring & summer.

Update 2:

Thank you and that's okay, it may have been a glitch of some sort

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    I am writing a second answer for you because something went wrong.  I suggested a type of stuff you can buy with boric acid in it and it gets a lot of bugs.  I put a thin line of the white powder all around the outside of the house foundation and when ants, earwigs, or any bugs, I suppose, crawl through it, it gets on them and it takes a while but is supposed to get them.  If you have pets, take precautions but as pesticides go, I think it is a better one, not as toxic as other things.  Good luck.  I don't like bugs.  You can even find it at dollar stores.

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    Get rid of the man and the kids?

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