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is the vaccine for the Covid19 virus really injecting you with the virus to make you immune to it? can you spread it after getting vaccine?

I have heard people are getting sick after the this what others have heard? how come no news about it?

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    Yes and No.

    Classic approach would be a modified virus which would do no harm to human. However, the new approach in the U.S. is about DNA editing, which may bring unknown genetic modification in human bodies. 

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    1 month ago

    One of the features of the disease is that people can be asymptomatic and infectious. What is not clear is whether the same will happen with vaccinated people - so they do not get ill themselves (because of the protection) but can transmit it to other vulnerable unvaccinated people.

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    Look.  I got to tell you this. Honestly, I got to tell you this.  Now I flunked out of Biochemistry and Microbiology because I was an alcoholic with a curious fondness for needles, but WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?

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  • JuanB
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    1 month ago

    No.  That is more like the flu shot.

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    How come no news is an easy one:  Because it's not news.

    Most vaccines contain a disabled version of the virus they protect you against, because that's how vaccines work, but this one does not.  The Covid vaccine contains a synthetic imitation of the virus (you'd need a PhD in chemistry to understand it), not the virus itself.  It's not possible to get the illness from the vaccine.

    Feeling side-effect symptoms for a few hours or days after immunization is common, and it's normal.  This isn't anything new for the Covid vax, because it's nothing new for any vaccine.

    The best case scenario for this vaccine is 95% effectiveness, which means one out of every 20 people immunized will not be immune to the virus.  Even amongst immune people, the disease can still be spread.  It works like this...

    Let's say you, me, and Axl Rose (just random examples) work at the same convenience store on different shifts.  You and I are fully vaccinated, and so was Axl, but he got infected before he got his shots.  AND he's an asymptomatic carrier, meaning he's got the virus but doesn't have any symptoms.  Axl touched the cash machine, the counter and a bunch of other stuff last night, and I didn't properly sanitize everything when I came in to relieve him this morning.  He's not symptomatic, I'm fully vaxxed, so I'm not worried.  Throughout the day, I end up with this little virus all over my hands.  Then you come into work for the evening shift, you're fully vaxxed and nobody you know has been sick, but you sanitize everything (almost everything) just to be safe.  But you didn't get that light switch in the employee bathroom (or whatever little detail), so now you've got the virus on your hands.  A customer comes in to buy smokes, you grab the package and pass it to him... and BOOM!  That customer just picked up Covid-19 from you, because you picked it up from me and I picked it up from Axl.  And that customer hasn't had the shot, or he's that one in twenty from above.

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    No, that is a big myth. They inject you with a flash card with a picture of the virus on it and instructions for your immune system saying "the bad guy looks like this, if you see it fire!" They don't inject you with the virus itself.

  • 1 month ago

    You can still get Covid after your first injection, but by the 2nd it will offer you immunity for at least 6 months.  No you the vaccination doesn't have any form of Covid inside of it, so you don't catch Covid from the Vaccine.

  • 1 month ago

    YEs you can spead it. The vaccine is only for your protection. And yes people can get VERY sick after the vaccine!

    And I say this--- dont mess around with your immune system-its a Pandoras BOX!!!

  • 1 month ago

    To anonymous, no, you can't get the virus form the vaccine.

    Research hasn't determined if you can spread it if you have been vaccinated.  In order to do so, you would have to be exposed.  But if you do get it, the vaccine enables your immune system to deal with it with minlmal symptoms.  

    But you can't get it merely by getting vaccinated.  I got my first dose last week.  I had a sore arm, but nothing else.  I am still observing social distancing and wearing a mask, and will continue to do so until the experts deem it safe to stop. 

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