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Is Tiffany Dover alive or dead ?

Do you think the now world famous nurse who got the Pfizer vaccin and fainted on live television is dead or alive? Many suspect she died of the vaccin and that they cover it up so that the company wouldn’t get shut down. After she regained consciousness she claimed that she faints often but many people find that weird and unbelievable. Why would you be a nurse if you faint often? That’s risky. After that there was no sign of her, no posts on her Facebook or Instagram which are open profiles. Her husband also had suddenly put “single” as his status, isn’t that suspicious? It’s like he is trying to tell something. Many claim her family was either paid off or threatened to keep their mouth shut. No words have been heard from her after 17.12.2020 when she got her shot, she could have at least said by now that she is alive and fine. She used to be active on social media but her last post was on 12.12.2020 which is kinda a long time especially for young active generations nowadays. Is this government hiding something? Are they trying to wipe us out cause the world is over populated? Wake up people. You can Google her or find her on YouTube. I like many people assume the poor lady is probably dead now. RIP Tiffany ❤️

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    The only objective answer is that there is no public evidence that she is either alive or dead since Dec. 21st, and even that event of (possibly) her standing masked in a group of people, without her speaking. But she was a formerly prolific Instagram poster whos image count is still 1,006, apparently abandoned after her C19 shot.

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