Who do I tell?

At work I was put in two spots due to an employee going home sick, one on line but also to make sure the box machine wasn't acting up. If there are no boxes coming down the shoot and all the boxes disappear on each side, there will be nothing for the product to land in and that would force the line to shutdown. This annoying woman next to me on the other line was telling me not to focus on the boxes and acting like she was the boss over me, I got so fed up when the boxes ran almost completely out over the machine acting up, I yelled now we don't have any boxes! In no way does she have the right to tell me what not to do, she is just another employee. If it happens again, should I inform the lead supervisor or tell hr?


That isn't funny. I could be blamed as to the line getting shut down.

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  • 1 month ago

    You sound like a grade school kid, unable to work as a reasoning adult.   How are you still employed?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This is why I don't do warehouse or factory work, folks!  I'll leave that up to annoying women, people who scream at and abuse their coworkers (and probably their spouses), people with attitudes who don't want to be told how to do it the right way, people who don't know how to follow rules, people who don't want to train others properly because they feel their job security is at stake, people who actually tell others to do the wrong thing to sabotage them, people in biker gangs, people with tattoos all over their face and people with neon purple or green hair.

    Also, if you're a supervisor then you need to be training people or designating a trustworthy person to do the training so people are trained consistently and everyone is reading the same book and following along on the same page.  Don't leave people who don't know what they're doing to their own devices.  You really do need to hold their hand and walk them through the entire process until they're comfortable enough doing it on their own.  Isolate the new ones from the old, virally toxic, disgruntled ones.

    Source(s): Also it's 'chute' not 'shoot' although I'm sure by the end of that irritating experience you probably felt like you wanted to 'shoot' your annoying coworker. Wear ear protection! Thoughts and prayers that you don't wind up hard-of-hearing in old age. The irony of that situation is then you'll be the annoying one who can't hear anything anyone says and makes so much damn noise pollution it's not even funny. They'll probably have to resort to just hanging the phone up mid conversation and tell everyone they'll have to call you back but never actually call you back.
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