If I do this, will my ear stop itching so badly?

I read that hydrogen peroxide can be very helpful for very itchy ears, but should i do it once or twice a day? Also, I use headphones now, not earphones, so this has helped so far already. When my ear itches, should I scratch it? It starts hurting if I do scratch it, of course. It's irritating as hell when I don't scratch.


Inside of my ear, not outside, even though I should clean outside too.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    No.  It will dry it out and make it itch more.  You can use it occasionally if you have too much wax in there.  Get a bottle of mineral oil and some q-tips.  Soak the end of the q-tip  and carefully insert it in your ear when it itches.  

    A doctor told me to do this and it helps. 

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