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How do I get crows to recognize that I am offering them shiny things and walnuts?

Last week, I noticed we had a whole bunch of crows in our front yard trees. I see stories online of people that befriended crows by feeding them or giving them shiny objects. So I went outside with a few shiny pieces of a door handle and walnuts. I put them on the ground below the trees, cawed, and pointed at the objects but the crows just looked at me. One even flew away. How do I let these crows know I want in on the "I give you stuff, you bring me stuff" arrangement?

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    1 month ago

    Easy answer, they need to be trained, hand raised by a human and they often times develop these quirky habits.   We had a friend crow or raven, I was young at the time, he lived with the wild birds but he was owned by one of the elder neighbors but he had outlived him and stayed free for the most part. (When he chose not to live with someone)

    He hung around in the winter knowing there were plenty of people that would feed him and keep him company, there were even a couple bird places for him to stay warm at during the extreme cold weather.  Rex loved to hang in our barn s lot, he had all the grain he could shove in his tummy but best were the pb & j sandwiches with strawberry jam.... he loved them.  I was about 5 years old, my brothers were all older.  My brother told me he was a black pirate parrot, and me being so young didn’t know better.  To prove it he left out those shiny trinkets you get from vending machines (fake silver, gold, copper and brass). Rex gladly took those, bits of colored cloth, shiny plastic paper, bright hunks of string and he lined his nest with these goodies.  His favorite were pop tabs from cans, shiny, colored and small.  When Rex stole he would bring back an empty shell or a small rock, birch bark, feathers that were not his etc.

    Rex was around for about 8 years then he suddenly disappeared,  were not sure if he fell to a hunter or the weather for him, some hawk etc but he kept us company and made us giggle at his bird antics.  None of the flock he hung with ever did more than take things on occasion and eat what food we put out.   Non of them liked to be petted or none wanted any part of human handling.  I was small and fast enough that I would sit in the bushes and wait for one to get within my grabbing reach, jump out suddenly, grab one and have him simply scream and care, try and peck my fingers and try and wriggle free.  They didn’t calm down or close their eyes while being petted either.  Rex loved perching on his human friends, he loved being held and stroked.  He also did a couple bird tricks including ‘be a hawk’. He would stretch out and spread his wings wife then hang his head low while making us all laugh.  


    So, get the bird, hand raise it, play with him and eventually you will get what you want.

  • TB12
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