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Hamster sleeping ALL the time ?

I have just got a new dwarf robo hamster and I have had him for about 5 days. 

I am a bit worried as he sleeps ALL the time and barely drinks or eats food. 

I usually go to sleep at around 3 am so I am up during the night when he should be active, I even turn my light off to see if he will come out when it’s dark but not really. He does occasionally come out and go on his running wheel but only for around 20 minutes and then he goes back to bed. 

I’ve tried waking him up and stuff because I don’t think he should be sleeping that much but he just goes back to bed after I leave him. 

Feeding wise I bought the same food they said they were feeding him at the pet store, I started off giving him a tablespoon of food a day but he barely touched it so I have now cut it to half a tablespoon and he barely even eats that, I have also never seen him drink any water and have been monitoring his water bottle and it barely changes. 

At first I thought it was because he was adjusting and scared of us but it’s been 5 days now so he should be pretty much back to normal now


Also the pet store said he is about 2 months old so I don’t think it’s due to old age. 

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    he might be dead check on em

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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