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I got robbed - should I turn the other cheek or go Batman on their ***?

A new acquaintance conned me out of $100 while simultaneously shaking my hand, smiling, and giving me a hug.  An hour later, they disappeared and even blocked me on social media. Should I turn the other cheek or should I seek retribution?

I was angry and hurt that I trusted this person. I'm usually a good judge of character, but I was off by a mile this time.  I tracked the person down and now know where they live.  I created a rat trap to draw them out (I pretended to be another mark and gave them a nice honeypot to get their attention) - they took the bait and even invited me to their house (they think I'm someone else).I honestly dunno what to do.  If I do nothing, I'll feel like the school bully just gave me a wedgie.  I always turn the other cheek -- but I'm tired of that.  This person quite literally preys on people who tries to help them...over and over.  I'm not the first or the last to be conned.I considered knifing their tires or damaging their car...but I'm not that kinda person.

I considered acting like a badass and threaten them...but that helps no one and just gets me more upset.

I considered meeting them with a hidden camera. I'd confront 'em and shame them on YouTube.

I considered sending them on wild goose chases...over and over.

If I pursue them, I'm giving up a crazy amount of time   If I do nothing, it's tantamount to me letting people come to my unlocked home and take whatever.

I hate moral dilemmas. What should one do?

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    Get revenge. So they learn not to mess with you. 

  • Audrey
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    I would do something to get even, but i'd make real sure i didn't get caught.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    It’s only $100.  Let it go

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