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Are Covid Vaccines Safe?

I took the Moderna vaccine. I still have side effects from the shot over a week later.

I have a swelled up boil the size of a fist at the injection site.

Not sure if I will take the second vaccine.

Might take it once a year to have at least partial immunity.

Does it sound like I have a bad reaction to it?

They say the vaccines are safe but they don't know the long term side effects from it yet.

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    Probably.  We won't know for sure for at least several years.

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    A boil isn't cause by an injection; it is an infected hair follicle or gland

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    Yes the vaccines are safe. One reason for a lump at the site of the vaccination is bruising. This is caused when you tense your muscle as the needle goes in. It damages the muscle because it moves and tears tissue. That heals in a few days. 

    For your next dose, make sure your arm is completely relaxed so the muscle is soft and does not get bruised.

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    Yes they are.        

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    Some people react to an injection, especially if whoever did it, didn't do it well.   It may have nothing to do with the vaccine.   I've had hounds who have a raised bump after their boosters, let alone puppy vaccination.  And when given, I always briefly massage the spot so what's put in circulates.

    Fgs take the second dose, otherwise you are only partially protected and if so, what's the point taking the first.

    Actually even if these various makes of vaccine appear to have been done quickly, in fact they have done a lot of testing and it's only after the results of the first testing doses have been known, that they make the vaccine clear to be used.

    My husband was given the Pfizer vaccine and although he had no ill effects after the first dose, he had some pain (bruising-like) in that arm after the second.   It's fine now.

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    Ice it, the same can happen after any injection, flu etc. Over 4 million so far here in the Uk including our Queen. Every President across the world and the Pope has had it.

    They are not all Stupid.

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    You need both vaccines.

    It you only take one dose, IF you develop antibodies which about 45% of the people won't, they will disappear very quickly.

    Obviously, you had a side effect.  Put some ice on it and there is a good chance that the knot will shrink very quickly.

    Things about the vaccines:

    1. Don't know any mid/long term impact = but that doesn't matter anymore, you already took it.

    2. Know it's not creating the B/T cell changes only the IgG and IgM antibodies

    3. Don't know how long immunity lasts. 

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    If you recall, they stated the second shot MUST be given within a SPECIFIED time period.  If they FAIL to meet the time period it reverts back to the EXPERIMENTAL vaccine category.


    The Nuremberg Code gives you full standing, if they attempt to violate it and force any kind of involuntary or undisclosed vaccination on you by any means – whether by wrestling you to the ground or by threatening to deprive you of any other right or privilege, including the right to travel and use public facilities.

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    I’m just impressed that you knew to come to yahoo answers for the best medical advice. I got instructions here on how to remove my own appendix in early 2019. 

    My family acts like I did something really stupid, but I feel great since the operation and have only minimal scarring. 

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