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Why do people report and remove legitimate questions that don’t violate the YA rules, and aren’t even offensive?

I just clicked on a question about Biden’s executive orders, and was going to answer it. There was nothing inappropriate about it, no foul language, wasn’t posted multiple times, didn’t promote false info, and was a legit question that wasn’t offensive or targeting anyone. It didn’t even contain words like “trumptards” or anything of the sort. 

Why do people feel the need to report anything they disagree with? They could have just posted an answer stating their opinion. I don’t even know why YA allows users to remove questions that don’t violate the rules. I’m guessing it happens because level 7 users report questions using all their sock accounts. Level 7 gets special privileges even though they are the ones most likely to be trolls or abuse the system. I also think they should go back to making each question cost 10 points. It would prevent a lot of these idiot trolls from posting the same dumb questions multiple times each day. I got my old account suspended (wasn’t given a reason), and I never violated any rules except sneaking a few swear words into my posts occasionally. These trolls violate the rules on a daily basis, and they’re still here. I don’t get it. This forum has gone so far downhill. It’s basically just a bunch of level 7s that dominate the site with their many sock accounts.

Is there a way to petition yahoo to change their rules to stop allowing legit questions to be deleted so easily? Posts that violate the rules seem to stay and legit ones get removed. 


It’s not really about that particular question. It’s just an example of something that happens constantly. Trolls can post “does she have a big butt?” or “all women are bi” a hundred times a day no matter how many times I report them, but legit questions about actual issues get removed. And the trolls never seem to get suspended when legit users do. 

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    THE FACT IS ..........after every election, one side wins, and one side loses. 

    anyone here long enough, remembers the Great Sore Loser Reporting War of 2008.......where after Obama's crushing win,  all the republican trolls here,  changed all their avatars and went on a massive reporting spree ,  taking down many of the democratic-type users. 

    Because they were pissed about losing and all their rants looked foolish now. 

    same thing is happening now.....with the same sore losers, now attacking all the democrat /Trump bashing questions. ----yes, even the ones not offensive. 

    Losing was offensive to them, and they are pissed about they are lashing the winners. 

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    You didn't quote the text of the question, so while it may not have been offensive, insulting, or 'fake', that doesn't mean it didn't violate TOS or CGs. For example, even though such questions are common, asking users to predict the future "What will happen if...." is not information seeking, so is a violation. Some users will report such posts, and others don't bother. What some users feel is a "legitimate" question, may not conform to the format YA was designed for.


    Posts are removed when enough users report them as violations (there is NO specific # of reports required to get a post removed, it varies). You can post again here and ask "Was this question a violation" and include the exact text of the question, including any updates, URLs, or images associated with it, and the users here will tell you if it appears to be a violation or not. 

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    2 months ago

    blabla bla it was about blabla....whine whine..

    If you had wanted an answer, you would have quoted the question, verbatim

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    Politics are a Touchy Subject which is why I dont get into those type of Questions all it can take is 1 person to not like the Question or have there Feelings Hurt over something like that and they Report it and its Taken down 

    You can try but thats not gonna work since Yahoo is Community Moderated the Staff does not Moderate the Boards It would take a Staff Member to Moderate the Boards to get something like that to change 

    The only thing you can do is if there not Breaking any Rules Send in Appeals for them and if there Put Back the Person who Reported them loses there Credibility next time they Report you 

    To Appeal go here

    Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions from there 

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    2 months ago

    Bullies will do anything to be in Charge

    they Know no one on Yahoo will care whether it is fair

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    Without seeing the actual context, we really can not tell you the problem. Was it in a proper question format? That has nothing to do with the content. Was it more a discussion rather than a question? That is called a rant. Were there multiple updates? That can be chatting. Also, if you were the first to try to answer, the asker may have removed it. Before dissing the rules, see what you posted here, which could be reported by some as a rant.

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    And you claim THIS question is NOT a rant? It certainly IS a rant. You are also intentionally insulting and provoking level 7 accounts.ALL ACCOUNT LEVELS can report anything they want for any reason or no reason at all other than to get attention online.

    Yahoo did not and Verizon does NOT PAY EMPLOYEES to monitor or moderate the over 1300 YA forums. That stopped at the end of 2014 when Yahoo laid off or fired All the Yahoo Answers teams because Yahoo Inc.was up for sale or would have had to declare bankruptcy. 

    Every petition to Yahoo or Veri zon over 15 years has failed. That is not true for suggestions on the?suggestion boards or the current user feedback forum. 

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    2 months ago

    It was probably deleted because answers pointed out the problems with those executive orders.   If you hadn’t noticed social media sites are censoring politically incorrect posts.  It’s not just Yahoo Answers.  

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