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My friend is racist, should I tell her?

We are both in our mid-20s. I’m black and she’s white. We have been friends for 4 years. My friend although not explicitly racist has said some problematic things regarding black people; however she has a racial fetish for black men. 

My friend used to date her own race until she moved to the UK (from Spain). My friend is OBSESSED with ‘black skin’ very dark black men and has compared them to creatures and ‘sex machines’ and brags that they all “love her and wants mixed race children.

I have told her, her behaviour & mindset  is wrong and that you can’t stereotype people based on their race/skin colour but she doesn’t listen.

I have noticed that I am the only black woman my friend (and her friends) will associate with, but they would happily associate with black men. 

My friend and her friends have said degrading things about black women, despite being in my presence! I told them that their language is unacceptable but they didn’t really seem to care.

I would also like to add that she said she comes from a racist family; and it was one of the reasons she moved away from her country as she said they are all close minded over there despite them having a sizeable Arab, African & Latino population. 

What should I do? Should I confront her? I have met her black male ‘friends’ which she sleeps with and they don’t seem to mind how she views them and they have been disrespectful to me because I am not white.

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    If you need to tell her, she won't believe you.

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