Immigration greencard?

My husband and I are currently waiting for our greencard interview. I am U.S citizen and he has a workers permit. We both live in the U.S. He has a good job making 1000 a week and I on the other hand am attending Medical Assistanting Program and college. I have no job. I am currently looking for a part time. If my husband makes more then the required yearly income which is 21,000. Will me not having a job at the interview hurt his chances of not getting approved for his green card? Eventhough last year in taxes I made 40,000.

I've read of spousal support ,but is it different when both our income is already combined?

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  • 1 month ago
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    You are correct. Since you both live together in the United States, your combined income will be considered in regard to the Affidavit of Support. If your husband makes $1K per week, you are well in the Green.

    Source(s): An immigrant to the United States myself, I worked as a corporate attorney and now live in Ojai, California.
  • 1 month ago

    Sorry, but if you are petitioning for someone's immigration or Adjustment of Status, YOU are legally liable for guaranteeing that person's support. YOU have to earn the requisite amount, or do not apply. You need current year paystubs plus your last 3 years of income tax returns as proof of earnings meeting support requirements.

    His permission to work is only temporary. If he loses his job with the employer who sponsored his employment visa, he goes home immediately. 

  • 1 month ago

    If your husband has a valid work permit, his income can be combined with yours to meet the guidelines.  You will still need to sign the affidavit of support.

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