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What can I do to stop immediately on my bike?

So I know I ask this a lot and I’m sorry, but it’s important because of this. I go to parks a lot to enjoy riding my bike, but then dogs with no leash on pop out of no where. So I have to stop suddenly in order not hit them. Also sometimes kids run out of no where on front of me, but my bike is set up with the Heel Method. Thus impossible to put my feet on the floor quickly and stop with brakes and feet at the same time. Cause I can’t reach the floor while seated. Then again putting it lower to be safer, causes pain to my knees. 

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    If you stop too abruptly while speeding, you can get thrown off the bike. That was what happened to me once when I was going downhill in a regional park on a mountain bike,. Since then, I learned that I need to use my front brake first to slow myself down and I should also get off my seat, and stretch  my body and move it backwards towards the rear wheel. So, if you do not want to be thrown off your bike while you stop abruptly, you should ride your bike more slowly in crowded places and do defensive riding. Look at your surroundings and watch out for people who may suddenly get in your way. One time I was riding on a sidewalk, going slowly, and someone waling in the opposite direction tried to knock me off my bike by suddenly moving sideways as I passed by him, by hitting my body with an arm extending slightly away from the body. He tried to act as though it was an accident but I could tell that he was doing it on purpose. He failed BTW.  IOW, simply be paranoid when you ride a bike if you do not want someone to do something stupid to get you into an accident, whether they did it indadvertently or delibrerately. . 

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