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How much do u hate the covid news and politics and all that ? 1-10?

Besides family that all I read .but not anymore . So done anyways I asked before but I would say 11. Okay tc . 


Sometimes wish If I was enjoying why I only read that ... That regret I have snywyss whatever I be quiet tc 

Update 2:

Skipping the state of union address too so done 

Update 3:

Haha **** this all 

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    Covid isn't political, and it's the biggest problem our country has faced in decades.

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    10.  I've had to go to more conservative news sites to get the lotto numbers.  

  • 10) Because the demented "Plagiarist and Chief" is just using Trump's plan. But we all know he will botch the distribution because he wants the government to do the logistics instead of private enterprise. Oh yeah, and mandating people to wear masks, which they were doing anyway. 

    I Kind of enjoyed the way the MSM was exchanging feet every time they opened their collective mouths to cover up why Trump was accomplishing what was loudly proclaimed to be impossible. 

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    doesn't matter if people hate it or not and Biden's not about to sweep it under the carpet.  ignoramus Trump and rep tried that and the death toll went from "one chinaman",   to the crisis you see right now,  and to think stupid rep, completly slammed me when i dared to state these numbers would reach 100,000 when they were already up to 50,000,  it's real it's here,  and it's not going away like magic,  capiche?

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    So what do you suggest? Let the government completely ignore the pandemic and let hundreds of thousands of people die. Well, Trump essentially tried that. It doesn’t work. People tend to notice when their loved ones get sick and die...

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    I never watch the media as it can stress u more 

    So I play video games instead 

    Let the companies handle it 

    But again I remain cautious 

    Avoid crowded places 

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