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What is the psychology behind someone who can sit for hours doing nothing? ?

Imagine someone sits at a desk or anywhere for hours, waiting, perhaps for nothing, or maybe for something. Is this behavior normal? and if not why not? What can someone conclude about a person like this? Is there something wrong sitting/waiting for hours? Is there something good of it? 

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    As someone that has a mental illness and is too mentally sick to work (see: aphasia), I find myself sitting and doing nothing but listening to voices and visually hallucinating for many hours in the week. I may soften it up with music, cigars, and pop. In Asian countries, it has been a religious practice, to sit, and meditate on life, for thousands of years.

  • 1 month ago

    A healthy sane normal person should be able to sit for hours without a problem if there is a reason, but a healthy sane normal person should also dislike it as it is a waste of time.


    If they are just sitting there wasting their time for no reason, then they are probably not normal or sane

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