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Will Christians start to support Joe Biden more?

The Democrat party has some serious problems (probably most Christians are aware), but I believe sometimes Christians have to infiltrate an evil group from the inside. I say we give Biden a chance. He goes to church every Sunday and will be the first President to do so for decades. I think he will end up being a kind of Ronald Reagan type figure when all is said and done. Kind of a grandpa for the nation


We have to keep in mind the collective actions of a person, not just isolated issues

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     Yes because it seems they dont get another choice these days.

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    Conservative Christians can't stand leaders who behave with compassion and fairness.  They want their hate.

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    I was gifted a balacava and now wear it over my mask. Very toasty and warm. Also I read that double protection does work better.

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    Read Romans chapter 13 we are to obey our governments unless they want us to do something that is against our religion Acts 5:29 the we ought to obey God rather than man. Thanks for the question.

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    No, they're going to wait 2,000 years more for Jesus to return and overturn the election. It'll happen, you'll see.

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    That hasn't yet worked for the last 47 years, but hope springs eternal.

  • I think Biden has great potential as a President. Whether he lives up to it, remains to be seen. I am praying for Him, definitely

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    "We're going to riot all 4 years and constantly try to impeach him."

    Exactly what is expected of Christians:

    No Integrity.  No honor.  No morals whatsoever.

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    What the fùck? As a Christian please explain to me why I would support someone who limits my ability to go to Church by imposing "covid restrictions", wants to limit my free speech, take my guns, and worst of all support the murder of the unborn child. Seriously please explain. I am not kidding please explain!

    Still waiting for your explanation....

    @ anonymous liar, show me your facts. Seriously prove it...

    Just as I thought, no explanations or proof...

    Ha ha no explanation yet. Just shows you know nothing about Christians. What a laughable question...

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