why is she acting weird?

short and simple she ghosted twice, I blocked and removed all contact from her. i began ignoring her and focusing on myself. i began to dress different at work to boost my self esteem and work on my self confidence.

what is weird is that even though she ghosted she kept on trying to get my attention in person like nothing happened.  so i began to ignore her cause i felt her intentions are not real. she even complimented me but i blew her off.

But also too i do have to talk to her since she is a coworker and just keep it business related and nothing more.

i guess she got the hint and began to ignore me even avoiding me (which is cool cause its whatever now, i can find someone else). but the problems is that she is taking it out on me at work. like whenever i have to interact with her she doesn't talk to me and blows me off in front of the client or other business matters. but i also feel that she tries to taking it out on me cause she used to park almost next to me, but now that this is happening she's parking else where. which is fine but why would you park on the other side going out of your way to do so? 

Thing is if she didnt care and even ghost me why would she care if i ignore her and move on with my life? some people told me maybe she just saw me as a second option and saw that it failed on her shes acting like that. and other say that maybe she felt guilty for ghosting.  

2 Answers

  • Strand
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    She wanted to stay on good terms at work, you blew her off so she assumed you were holding a grudge. She is treating you the way you would treat anyone you knew didn't like you. Don't read in to it. You wanted to keep it strictly business, so unless her behavior is directly hurting your ability to do your job you should let it go.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think this whole situation needs to settled down with mature talks! Their shouldn’t be any guessing left! Both of your issues need to be addressed in front of each other so both of you can move on or settle on some common ground. 

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