Do you work in "the office"?

My work place is sort of like the TV sitcom, "the office". I have one guy who is always talking about Walmart conspiracies and goes to management.... in secret... and whispers as people walk by... ( Pretty hilarious actually, would make good TV) One guy goes around calling himself the hulk and is always trying to act like my boss. ( Also sort of funny actually)  

The people I work with are eccentric and the management there is outrageous. My managers say silly clown stuff like, "It's your job to make sure they are doing their job...." The entire thing is actually so silly... from a outside perspective it's just funny but of course living it day to day it's different.

Life lessons and all, honestly at the start the place really got me frustrated and worked up but I can see alot of humor in it all now. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


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