Why does he act jealous?

My boyfriend is 23 & I am 1 yr older.

He told me that he used to be very insecure & that he is not the jealous type. 

A few weeks into our new relationship he told me I acted weird on my phone by never letting him use it or see it. 

Later on that same day he said he was getting snapchats from another girl called Molly & kept saying “OMG” & “WHOA” LOUDLY in front of my face while deliberately hiding his phone screen.

He picks on one of our male co workers a lot & one time our co worker sang me a song & my boyfriend started saying nasty things about him. My boyfriend also texts me constantly on the days I work alone with our male co worker.

Every single Saturday is his boys night, I am never invited & I know he is out with girls. I don’t text him but when I go out he texts me constantly. 

I noticed he keeps checking on me at work peeking at me around the aisles & told me he has anxieties of guys checking me out & saying “I’d like to do her” & he’s had images of me cheating on him (also vice versa) but says he trusts me 100%.

He lets me use his phone & he has his favorite porn site at the top deliberately so I can see he’s been watching.

He leaves facebook chats open with other attractive girls on it so I can see that too but I don’t know what has been said.

I told him we needed to break up & he agreed. 2 weeks after he was asking if I hooked up with another guy.

He said he does not want to know when I start dating another guy in the future. Is he the jealous type?

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  • T J
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    1 month ago
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    He sure is the jealous type.

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