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Should I tell her that I was first interested in her because of a joke?

I met my current gf last year at the beach. I liked her cause I saw a cute brunette with nice legs and a summer dress and hat. All that in a shy, modest type of personality, the type of girl who blushes and stutters. I made eye contact and raised my eyebrows just to flirt with her and try to impress her. She blushed and followed me with her eyes. The rest of the story is that we got together. Yet I feel at fault that it was all a joke, all to test my ability to impress a girl. I just saw her, fell for her and her innocence and thought about flirting with her. It worked cause at the time I was kind of flirty, self confident and tried not to give a damn. Now I am tired and anxious because of my life. I wish I still was the guy who flirted with her, today I wouldn't be able to act that laid back. I changed so much, for the worse.

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    If you don’t want to be with her then you should! 

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