Should I be worried about cough variant asthma ?

So for the past month I have been having a cough runny nose and sore throat. I thought it was a cold but turns out it isn’t. I did COVID testing and it came back negative.

My doctor said since I do have seasonal allergies it could be cough asthma or bronchitis but it’s hard to tell should I be worried I never been diagnosed with asthma before and I’m 26. He said the cough will be there for a few weeks. But should I be worried I’m currently using a inhaler I still have a cough tho I’m just confused 

I’m trying to stay positive with everything my breathing is fine it just this bad cough that doesn’t go away but the inhaler somewhat helps advair.


I did do a chest X-ray in the ER when my cough got bad and my lungs were clear they said

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    worried about what exactly? to address this would need to know your concerns. A clear Xray means no pneumonia.  Negative COVID testing does occur too. Perhaps a pulmonologist may be necessary.

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