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Is This Outcome For an Upcoming Trial Realisitic? ?

I live in the state of Ohio and in July I am accused of taking a gun from my sister's house where I resided at the time in an effort to end my life. Obviously, that didn’t work as I am still here. However, I have been charged for the accused taking of the gun, which is a violation of Ohio statute 2913.02. However, I spoke with my attorney a few days ago who said quote, “that prosecution has to prove all elements, including that I took the gun with the intent to deprive the owner.” Which is true, and a sanity report regarding this incident came to the same conclusion. He says because of this, that a jury could find me not guilty. Is this a possible outcome?

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    OP Anonymous:   Talk to your lawyer.   

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    Why are you asking random strangers on the internet when your lawyer would definitively know the answer to your question?

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    Of course it is possible.   Logically any potential outcome is possible.   The question is - is it PROBABLE.    For that you will have to rely on your attorney AND wait and see what happens.

    It will come down to the facts of the case and how well both sides are argued.

    Just from what you posted - it sounds like you should be asking your attorney what the possible penalties are should you lose.

    Finally, I hope you are continuing to receive help for the issues that caused you to make such a poor choice in the first place.   IF you have not sought out help - please do so - TODAY.  Good luck.

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    You are asking us over your lawyer? 

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