bonus saw question?

this is the old one and i have fully no right to judge him but why the hell was jeff so slow to save danicia 

even if he had like a knife in his pocket or a piece of gum he could have jammed those sprays and got danacia an innocent adult out of there 

instead he takes his time and agrees with jigsaw fu i forgot about my son who u had no idea even existed when u left the crime screen

jeff then says ok imma get key

key gone

danicia got the hell of hells 

i mean what the f jeff

to me if u failed to save danicia and and shot jigsaw then just become the next satan ok

what a jerk - quote a half jerk

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    She was the only witness to his sons death and she chose to run away rather than help. He was slow to save her for that reason. She was kind of innocent, yeah, but to Jeff, her fleeing the scene of the crime was just as bad as doing the crime itself. I think in his mind, had she gotten help, his son might still be alive. He did end up feeling bad for her as he knew she wasn't exactly completely at fault and she did say she regretted her actions, so he tried to get the key, but he even went about that the wrong way. The key was there, by the way. It was hanging behind some pipes. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    jeff was not really a great person at least not until he attempted to save timothy 

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