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Illegal Immigration ?

If I didn't agree with Trump, I agreed with "most, not all" of his stance regarding illegal immigration. I hate seeing illegals and citizens holding signs that says " build a bridge, not a wall." Rules are in place for a reason. What really makes my skin crawl is, they come here demanding rights. Are you freaking serious? I can't imagine what this country is going to look like in 10 years. Also, let it be clear that I'm not White/Caucasian, neither am I racist. I have a huge issue with illegal immigration, no matter where they're from. Do you think its okay for illegal immigrants to demand rights?

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     Absolutely not, if someone ILLEGALLY enters a country and demands rights I would think that they feel very entitled.. The same if someone were to break into your house and start ordering you around.. they have done something illegal, they are criminals no matter how much people feel bad for them. If you just let everyone in The country, then the drug sales will go through the roof, there will be more foreign diseases, crime rates will be high, there will be a larger population for homeless, higher taxes to account for more welfare and disability recipients. It’s not to say that it’s a bad thing to help people, I get it.. but you have to take care of yourself first. A mother has 3 kids that are starving, she feeds one and gives the rest of the food to the neighbour across the street because they’re also starving, what happens to the rest of her kids? They’ll die of starvation. This is coming from a Canadian. 

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    they shouldn't be able to demand rights, they are illegal-breaking the law

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    So you agreed that Trump should hire illegals then? That was his stance.

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    Most of them come here "demanding" help and asylum. Not demanding rights.

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