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Anyone know of a play based elementary school in the Macomb county, mi area?

We are unhappy with our public school system.  My son was in K before Covid shut everything down a year ago.  Was 7 hrs a day, 1 20 min recess and 1 20 min lunch.  Had gym but only once a week.  Rest of the time was sit down  activities. 

This school year with Covid we home schooled my 2 sons, who are in 1st and K.  My wife has a master's in elementary education and has taught in elementary in the past. 

Not sure if we really want to continue doing home school long term though.  Anyone know of any more play based elementary schools in the Macomb county mi area? They would be in 1st and 2nd grade next year.  Also, anyone know anywhere where the classroms aren't 25+ kids to a teacher? Or is there anyone out there who has felt this way and found a viable solution? I have been looking but amhaving a hard time finding something. 

Should probably mention too that my youngest son has several life threatening food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy).

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