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Who among the Y/A Politics & Government regulars is the most delusional when it comes to admitting that Biden won fair & square?

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    You list Yahoo answer as a reliable source???  The states that Trump won had low electoral votes. The Republican Governors kept it honest. Did you not hear the recorded telephone call from Trump saying to Georgia's Sec. of State, "Find me 11,800 votes, just say "you recalculated".  You deniers can't be that "brain dead", could you? It was a brilliant move on Georgia's part, to tape Trump's phone call. This is what happens when a narcissistic personality refuses to admit or concede. You have to take it seriously that Trump is incompetent, and unfit to be President with his, deeply flawed character.

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    You are really a denier... well I would admit Biden won fair and square if he had.. but come on...we all know he cheated.

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    1 month ago

    I nominate Anonymous. Thank you for giving me Best Answer.

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