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Science help? What would be the independent variable?+ some other questions?

scientists noticed that mould growth seems to depend on climates and temperatures the mould is found in. They want to investigate the effects of temperature on mould growth in food, in order to make suggestions to consumers. They are specifically interested in seeing how many oranges grow mould on their peel depending on the temperature at which the oranges are kept for 1 month.

a.) What is the independent variable?

b.) What is the dependent variable?

c.) What are 2 constant variables?

d.) What is the hypothesis?

e.) What is the prediction based on the experiment and hypothesis?

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    The independent variable is the one you directly control to see what impact this variable has on your results.

    a) temperature

    b) number of oranges with mold) 

    c) length of time and I would guess number of oranges examined

    d) Does storage temperature affect the number of oranges that develop mold?

    e) The conclusion would be that increasing the temperature does increase the number of moldy oranges.

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    hcbiochem is almost right on target. However, it is usual to have a statement, rather than a question, as the hypothesis. It is logical to use a null hypothesis. In this instance it would be that temperature has no effect on the production of mold (or mould). That way, you can disprove the hypothesis.

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