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Difference between Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist? ?

I am looking at all my options for college next year and career path and these two came up. I thought the dental hygienist was the one when you come in the office you get taken back and they clean your that right? What’s the assistant do then? Their pay difference on the salary site was about a $14 difference which has me very confused lol! Does anyone know?

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    Dental assistants tend to be the receptionists, book appointments, and set up stations. Hygienists are often tasked with cleaning teeth, can perform oral x-rays, and can provide basic care and maintenance tips. Some may be even be tasked with changing bands on braces or filling in a cavity or two, but this depends on the office and the experience. They can also whiten teeth, if the office does something like this. If it's not intense surgery, crowns, or bridges, the hygienist can do it.

    Go for hygienist. They make more money and are usually in high demand. 

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    In the U.K. dental assistants are chair side. They hand out the instruments and look after the patient.

    Hygienists have a long training  they clean the teeth etc.

    Two different jobs.

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