Is the negative big compared to good today ?


We can be 2 eyes human eyes with 2 eyes dog cow hoarse pig lamb deer zebra mouse dicj whale dolphin animals eyes . Life with 2 eyes 

Your body hurts. Pain suffering illness fear ? You can not breath. Your mind is in pain. Your eyes hurt. Your stomach legs hands feel like hell pain. Everyone is affected Since 2000 to 2021 war on all people : People had major problems and pain something human could do on each other: Bank loans, house loans government jail war crazy people very bad medicine and fake illness and vision to see problems , deaf people hospital full with sick people lots of medicine and people felt week 50 years cancer medicine or 40 years cigarette to smoke and dead people in your family and buy with dead presidents on money presidents today not able to see suffering of human and society was making hell on human burn in the temperature extreme cold burn or extreme hot burn and lots of fires every places and cars motorcycle fast 70 miles could not go that fast for people there is animals dog birds that lives with you in your home and outside getting you sick major pain and with cars bikes animals caused head problems body pain every one and they removed you from your home by bank court by police and repo your home never could you sit stand walk in home sane in fear of people and they removed your car and repo your cars house no way to make it in job you only work 1 year and off 10 years and that people said no when you need something they had fake painful.Abdull

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