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Why is my ear bleeding? Please help ?

There was noise in my ear and I kept scratching at it because it was annoying and I wanted the noise to stop. The noise kept going for 2 days straight but it has stopped now. I do have tubes placed in my ear. Even though I'm an adult, I get really bad ear infections to the point it affects my life. Anyway, I woke up with blood deep within my ear. I poked at my ear and I felt the blood. It was bright red blood. My ears have been extremely itchy and I don't understand why. I've been scratching at them for a while. I'm abroad at the moment so I don't know what to do. I don't return back in 3 more weeks. I'm in a foreign country to visit relatives. What am I gonna do about my ear? Will the blood go? I'm very worried. I don't feel any pain in the ear but it feels stuffy.

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