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What's with my coworker?

I have a co-worker,whom I'm kind of friends with even if we haven't hung out outside of work yet. She got all embarrassed, when we were discussing our plans one time, saying I hope you didn't hear that it sounded "weird" , when it was clearly talking about her family not myself. This last week or two due to circumstances in her life, she asked if I could do her the favor of giving her a ride home, so she don't have to walk in the dark. The first night I gave her a ride, I helped her carry some things in the house, she told me "thanks for everything". I'm kind of noticing her, getting in my personal space a little bit more then normal, once her wrist even brushed against mine.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Sounds like she might be gearing up to hit on you. Find a way to dissuade her if you want to keep your job. 

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