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Can a psychiatrist section someone ?

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    In the UK two doctors are required to section a patient. One must know the patient usually their GP. The other must be approved under section 12 of the Act. This means that they have specialist experience in mental health. In practice, this is usually a consultant psychiatrist or specialist registrar. 

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     NEver heard of that 

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    By "sectioning someone", I assume you are asking if a psychiatrist can commit someone to a psychiatric hospital against their will?

    Here, in the United States, a psychiatrist can force someone to be admitted if they are dangerous to themselves or others or if their psychosis makes taking care of themselves too great a burden.  But to KEEP the person in the hospital against their will takes a court order and evidence.

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    of course they can

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    UK answer

    Usually, 3 professionals will assess you. And they have to agree that you

    need to be detained. But this may not be the case if the situation is urgent.

    The 3 people are normally

    • an approved mental health professional (AMHP),

    • a doctor who has special training in mental disorders, called a

    ‘section 12 approved doctor’, and

    • another doctor.

    If possible, at least 1 of the doctors should have met you before.

    The AHMP can only agree for you to be detained if they have seen you in

    the past 14 days.

    The doctors must either have seen you at the same time, or within 5 days

    of each other.

    If all 3 people agree that you need to be detained, the AMHP will apply to

    a local hospital for a bed.

    What is an AMHP?

    AMHPs are mental health professionals who carry out certain duties under

    the Mental Health Act. They are given specialist training to do this.

    An AMHP might be a:

    • social worker,

    • nurse,

    • occupational therapist, or

    • psychologist.

    A doctor cannot be an AMHP.

    Source(s): I've been sectioned several times, never by anyone I've met before.
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