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Question specifically about three strikes with regarding to baseball rule and innings.?

I’m sure at some point everyone has heard of the three strikes and you’re out, I have a question specifically about baseball and a three strikes and you’re out. If a batter fails to hit the ball three times he or she is out so my question is let’s say in the second inning the batter fails to hit the ball three times now here she is out, is he or she out for the duration of the whole game or just during the second inning so win the third inning comes the batter is back in the game?

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    No, not for the whole game, but just until their next at bat.

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    Three strikes (or four balls) applies only to one at bat at a time. If a batter strikes out he just takes his next turn in the lineup.

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    No, it just means that the batter is out until his/her turn comes back around in the batting order, which, depending on how the team hits may be as soon as during that same inning (if the team gets a rally going and sends a bunch of players to bat ), or as long as three innings later (if the team goes out 1-2-3 until that player is up again.)

    The only way a batter would be done for the rest of the game is if they strike out and do something like this.

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    Striking out means your turn to bat is over. You stay in the game until it ends or the manager takes you out of the game.

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    The way baseball works is that there are 9 players who are actively playing on a team. They each take turn going to bat (trying to hit) in an exact order (you cannot skip or anything like that), so if they fail to hit the ball after 3 strikes, then they are out. "Out" only means that your turn is over, and the next person takes a turn. Your team gets three "outs" in an inning, so you just take turns until your turn is back up again. You aren't officially out of the game, out just means your turn is over. 

  • Just for that turn at-bat.  When they next come to bat (based on the order set at the start of the game) it's an entirely new event.  

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