Are autocracies *always* sinister? ?

Are there autocracies where the person is actually super nice and just thinks that one single person can keep everything perfect without worry of corruption? or is that too much for any one person to possibly handle? 

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    If you were a Student of Human Nature you'd see why one person having Absolute Authority is a bad idea. Nepotism and Cronyism, the words that describe giving jobs or lucrative contracts to Family and Friends is as old as Civilization itself. And having power and thinking that you know all the answers to everything is a recipe for a Bigot: Don't confuse me with Facts, my mind is already made up. And probably the ugliest facets of Human Nature are Selfishness and Greed. Countless people have been cheated and/or killed because of that. I don't know who first said it but it's undeniably true: Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. But there have been extremely rare cases where the person was so principled that power did not corrupt them. You could say those people are as rare as Hens' use a folky term.

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    Way too much for one person to handle.   Many people have difficulty looking after their own lives.  Some can run a small business.   Virtually all large businesses are run by a group.  Governments are very big business and have many more shareholders to satisfy.

        The single person may have the best intentions, but there is just too dang much to do.

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    The Mitsubishi Eclipse.

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    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

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