Describe an organization that you have experienced in your life. Ideally, one you have known fairly well for at least a year. How to answer?

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  • 1 month ago

    At Walmart I can get a chicken wrap for $2.75. At Kroger, a similar wrap is $7.50. 

    People give Wallyworld crap for being mean or whatever but the facts are there are hard numbers that make real results. And when most of the country is whining for more money because things are expensive, you can go one of two ways; pay them more or make things cheaper. Of course, paying them more makes things more expensive, as is the Kroger story. They have an $8 difference in starting wages and have to charge that same percent difference to the customer of whom is also a faction of their employee base. 

    One of Walmart's biggest policies that is good for the economy IMO is no overtime whatsoever. Again, to the numbers, where $15/hour to stand around and wait for someone to ask where the socks are is expensive, $22/hour for it is much worse. From anecdotal evidence, your average upper level "enlisted" Kroger worker is making $30/hour where the same position at Walmart is $15 or less. That might sound dramatic for the fork lift guy at either place but it's even more dramatic for you as the end user consumer. Go see for yourself that the exact same item between the places might well be $5+ more at Kroger. 

    A shift that I'll withhold judgement on as good or bad is most places are moving towards house brands, which to the point I make here, make the price comparisons moot as a marketing tool, utilizing instead loyalty to the experience as the emotional hook. It's not that Maxwell House costs $7 more or less, it's more like watching your 13 year old who loves puppies and cake come home as a goth. Price is just built into the highschool lunch table branding. 

  • Sandy
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    1 month ago

    I've experienced the IRS since I started working. never liked them much. 

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