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How should I spend my $370mill lotto win?

 I need some advice. What should I do with my $370mill lotto win? I was thinking about donating at least half of it but some of that will be in the form of an endowment so it will help more people and animals over a longer period of time. I also want to help get death row inmates sentences commuted to life and to help the wrongfully incarcerated.

But what else should I do with it?

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    For $1 million I'll write you a detailed budget.

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    Winning a lottery is like a sports star that just signs a Huge contract. 

    The FIRST thing to do is to wait till the check clears. The Second thing to do is to change ALL your phone numbers,  The Third thing to do is to hire a financial planner(which personally I think should be required for sports stars). The Fourth things to do is to NOT respond to ANY relative you have never heard from before. 

    After that-you do NOT need your own plane-the maintenance will kill you-same with a Yacht. 

    Pay off Mom's house. Buy a new car-NOT a Maserati. Buy a whole new wardrobe-those jeans are looking a bit, well, drab. 

    If you wish to donate some of it-make Sure that it is for a SMALL company-not say a United Way (where 80+% of your donation is used to get More donations)-more like a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. 

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    Invest it all in Agrismart.

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