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I’m a sadistic misanthrope, and I need to find a way to tolerate humans before something bad happens?

I’m a sadistic misanthrope with homicidal ideation, and I push everyone away, intentionally or not. This last year has made it much much worse than it used to be, seeing all those idiots going on about their personal freedoms, thinking they’re above the rest of humanity. At this point I don’t consider myself human because I see it as a stain on my existence. I hate all of humanity until they prove that they’re worth my time. All too often, I just want to kill everyone who I don’t think is worthy of this planet. Those thoughts of murder are always there, and I find them exciting, like a constant adrenaline rush. It makes me happy to think about it, but thats not possible to achieve without arrest. I’ve tried to tell myself that maybe humans can be reformed, but so many people don’t like or want change that I’ve given up on that. Outside of my misanthropy, I’ve had homicidal ideation and sadistic thoughts for quite a while, and I’m yet to discover why. I would like to find out why I’m like this, and find a way to resolve this issue I have with humanity before it gets too bad. Is there another underlying issue? Am I too far gone already? It’s just a never-ending cycle at this point.

And don’t tell me to look for the good, because I’ve done that and that “good” is usually for some sort of personal gain or is fake. Good deeds are just a facade, because the people who actually want to do good usually can’t. Good people never succeed, because human society favors the bad.


And in case this information is needed, I’m not a sexual sadist. I have never had any form of sex drive and I doubt I ever will. I like to see humans in pain and in fear, not naked in a bed or any other place for that matter.

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    It seems you should see a doctor.

    He will give advice.

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    Now just wait a minute, you are coming from a perspective that is not understandable in today's society.  Why would one constantly think about the things you think about if they have a good feeling about themselves?  Society doesn't want to be around someone with this attitude.  I know this is a mental illness & that you need some serious counseling & help with your outlook on life.  I don't think you are stuck where you are & that you can be fixed so you don't have the attitude you have.

    Far be it for me to judge you for the way you are.  You just have a serious outlook that needs to be modified & human behavior can be modified/altered. I am sad for you cause you live in such misery & hope you can find the right Psychiatrist to help you.  There is hope for you & I pray you find some relief.  Blessings.

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