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Ive lost interest in everything?

Over the past few months ive gone from having so many hobbies to just sitting around. I liked sewing (making things), gardening, painting, crocheting, baking, cooking, building things, etc.

Ive gone from shelves of plants, down to 4 plants that are somehow alive. I dont even eat anymore because im tired of only ever cleaning. I stopped creating art because i dont know what to do with the projects when im done. And ive stopped building things because it was usually something for other hobbies (ie a greenhouse or a desk). I stopped reading and watching tv because i couldnt stand being jealous that the characters had things to do and i didnt. I tried fishing, i tried going out, i tried making friends (i have 0, legit) but nobody seems to really be my type (people that can actually have conversations and not rely on me to carry everything). Ive tried going to different cities to try things, but its boring and scary to be alone. 

I tried forcing myself to do the things i like, but its not fun anymore and i just sit there. For hours. My bf says to go out more and find friends, BUT THATS ALL IVE BEEN DOING FOR MONTHS NOW.

Im tired of feeling trapped and im tired of annoying my bf with my apathy. Hes always working in my free time, but i have absolutely nothing i would love to be doing with my time anyways. So i sleep. Or sit. Or zone out, my mind is always fuzzy or empty playing legit elevator music that wont go away.

I came here for any advice, because i really want to not exist.


Ive tried posting on fb groups in my area. Ive tried reaching out to strangers looking for similar things. I dont want a party pal, thats what my bf is. Nobody seems interested in being friends

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    Anyone ever said you are empathic or gifted?  I do not know your gender but I work with a lot of gifted women who describe things like you did (sort of).  Typically they have C-PTSD;BPD.

    You sound like an amazing person, I don't know you - right?  Lying doesn't do me good.  Your hobbies/interests are great.  It really seems like more than COVID loneliness are going on.  you asked the question really poorly....  Any patterns, history or known concerns?

    Your man's job is to take interest in what you do - to take you out or help you do things.  The fact he isn't the fact he is causing more drama/stress whether you admit it or not is a very real problem, are there other concerns with him?  This may be too extreme.  Sounds like he is ignoring and isolating you, what is he doing when not working?

    I will talk to you friend/whatever - no idea.  My interests: Psychology, Women Advocacy, 'Therapy', Rollercoasters, Art, Garden, Sex;BDSM;Kinks, Parks, Animals, Console Games, Warcraft, Spirituality, Tattoos, 420, Computers, Zoos, Most music but RNB/Country and like 100 other things.  If we have any common interests:

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    You say that you're not getting any enjoyment out of things. Here's something that people here have said is helpful with that problem. Look all over and do a complete inventory. You should be able to find at least one or two things you like, such as your favorite music or movie. If there's just one movie you like, watch it once or twice. Then, find movies that are like it in some way - with similar story or the same actor. Keep adding to your entertainment supply to give it variety.

    Advice from experts about mental health problems in my answers. You're welcome to click on my name and read.

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    Try something in a group wear the essence is in communicating than friendship. Similar to going to school your classmates most you wouldn't to be friends with anyway. Adults understand that thus instead of partying, drinking, and drugs there are writer groups, poetry, book clubs, hiking, birdwatching and other such things that can help cut down on the partying.

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