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How to express depression in relationship ?

I’m dealing with depression, it was minor at first but has progressed and it has a lot to do with anxiety. 

I use to express this to my boyfriend but now we’re long distance and I try not to stress him with my life because he has his own things to worry about. Most days I put on a fake smile or tone of voice and fake it out but I’m to the point that I’m suicidal and these thoughts have become recent. I can’t really afford professional help so I try to journal. But it’s so hard for me to express this to anyone close to me. Has anyone gone through this and how did you get it out to your love ones?

My fear is that one day I’ll give up and everyone will blame themselves for not seeing the signs. 

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    Call a suicide hotline or contact a doctor to get immediate help.  Your boyfriend can't help you from a distance.  Whether he knows you depressed or not isn't going to help unless you want to manipulate him into calling the cops for a welfare check.  

    All you have to do is say the actual words "I'm depressed and suicidal -- can you get me help?"

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